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Why use CrackerPal? How does it all work?

No Bitcoins | No Wallets
Just Cracker Credits

3 Step Process

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How it works

You simply forget about the risks and complications of purchasing bitcoins to post your Cracker ads, and instead purchase Cracker credits via our website. As soon as your credit or debit card payment is processed, your Cracker credits will be allocated and directly sent to your personal Cracker account. We offer discounts for larger purchases, and are live on hand to support you pre and post sale. Find out more

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How can you know it’s safe?

First and foremost your credit and debit card transactions are protected against online fraud. We at no time retain your credit card details, all payments are made through a third party merchant and you are purchasing Cracker credits, credits that would only be of use and value to anyone interested in advertising on We also rely on your confidence and satisfaction in our service to build our business, reputation and client base. If you still have any doubts we are online ready for your call or chat

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With our unique app designed for both Android & IOS system users you can now use any devices to get online and instantly buy and top up your Cracker credits. No more hurdles to getting your Cracker ads up and running and moving back to the top of the ad listings!

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Once you are back online with your Cracker Credits enjoy an advantage over the competition posting ads when others cannot, extra pull & punch for each $ spent.

All major credit cards welcome

Many other payment options available, be sure to check back reguarly!

Live chat

Put your mind at ease by having a live chat with one of our support staff now. We aim to make you feel secure and satisfied before and after you start using our service. We are always here to help!

What our clients say

Jodi, Nevada - Finally an easy, fast and efficient solution for me to start adding credits to my Cracker account again. My business has really struggled since I lost the ability to post ads on Cracker. I came across your business on Google and gave it a go. So happy. Back in business. Thanks guys!

Angelic, Washington - I had a 200% increase in enquiries as soon as I got back online with my Cracker postings and deposited Cracker credits using your service. All so easy and quick, no hidden charges or problems. What a great relief! Fresh leads coming in! Thanks Crackerpal team.